Another Best Buy Saga

Really? Shame on Best Buy! I shouldn’t have to type out a saga. But that’s what it turned out to be. I think there’s a happy ending. Will find out later this week.

I wanted to order the new iPad Air from Best Buy. I needed a few for my staff. The iPad Air is lighter, faster, smaller – but same screen size. That’s enough to warranty getting them! And Best Buy has their reward program and I had some leftover certificates from previous rewards I could apply.

I didn’t order the iPads when they appeared on Best Buy’s website the day they were released. My mistake. They were gone by the next day. So I waited. And the following Thursday at 6am, I noticed them back online! Yeah! And it said I could pick them up at the store! So I ordered three. It wouldn’t let me order all at once, so I had to place three separate orders. And it kept trying to include Trend Micro Antivirus for $29. Sneaky. And unnecessary when buying an iPad. Thanks Best Buy.

So, I show up later that morning to pick up my iPads. I have the printed online orders to prove it. They can’t find them. They never got any in. Then they said my orders had been cancelled. That’s it. No sincerely apologies. Sigh. Thanks Best Buy.

Later that day I called Best Buy corporate. They said the orders were still valid and would I like them fulfilled by the warehouse and sent? I said sure. Many holds later, um they haven’t any to send and must cancel the order. Well ok then. Oh and later I found out that they didn’t refund my reward certificates I used. I had to call them the following week and get that straightened out. Thanks Best Buy. Kudos to the rep on the phone that time – very patient as he had trouble navigating their own system to find them.

Finally, a week after that, after looking twice a day, the iPads appears online – to be shipped only. The orders are being processed. We’ll see if they actually ship.

Oh and I did get some of the iPads from the local AT&T store without rewards because I didn’t want to wait until they magically appeared whenever to be possibly foiled again by Best Buy.

I like the iPad Air. It is progress. Still no flash support. Still no USB. But, still my preferred tablet. 🙂


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