Surface Pro 2?

I owned a Surface RT. But I’ve since sold it. I am typing this, however on a Surface Pro – purchased  January 2013. I do like it. There are things I can’t do on my iPad. But my iPad is still my preferred tablet. I carry both. You could say I’m in both worlds. Apple and Microsoft.

The Surface Pro 2 was announced a couple months ago and began shipping last month. But, I don’t plan on buying it. There’s just not enough difference between my Pro and the Pro 2. Faster graphics.

However, the new accessories are tempting. They’re coming out with a keyboard that contains it’s own secondary battery. More battery life is always welcome on the Surface. And I’m on the alert list for when the new docking station starts shipping. Then I can replace my desktop computer at work. Just slide in my Surface Pro and away I go! The Surface Pro/Pro 2’s are powerful computers – laptops in tablet form.

I’ll keep you posted when the docking station arrives and give my review. Thanks for joining me 🙂

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