Surface Pro 3 vs. Vacation

Ok, so maybe it’s not that dramatic. But still…….

It was a Thursday in August. I was leaving for vacay with the family the next morning. Early. About 9 hours of driving to look forward to. Then it came. The email. A month early.

Your Surface Pro 3 has shipped!

Oh boy! Fine. I’ll get it when I come back right? Oh look a tracking number! Oh look, it’s almost here and scheduled for delivery tomorrow?? Oof. So, I’d leave the state in the morning and my long awaited toy would arrive by 3pm at the place from whence I left. Double oof!

Think. Think damn you!

Friday morning, I confirmed by the technology of package tracking that it was on its way to Vero Beach to be sorted and loaded on the truck. The shipping facility opens at 9a. I called and told them to hold it. We left the house to get on the road and…oh look honey, I need gas. She knew what I was up to! And look, the depot is sorta on the way! I was there! Door locked. It was 9:05a. I walked around and patiently waited to be noticed. Voila! I’m here! Um….that looks like the right size box…..

Tadah! Got it. Threw it in the back with the luggage, unopened. It would be at least 12 hours until I could reveal my treasure. But I grinned all the way to SC!


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