Bigger, Lighter, Faster

These are nerd terms. They can be all good. And in this example, they definitely are!

Comparing my new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to my older first generation, the obvious difference is size. It’s now a much more useful 12 inches a screen real estate. And since the keyboard acts as a cover, it’s now larger too. Bonus!

But, that’s not all. I order this one with a newly available faster Intel i7 CPU, twice the storage, twice the ram. The tablet is still lighter despite the big brother stance. The battery feels like it lasts longer, especially during sleep mode. The power cable is still magnetic, but easier to attach in the dark.

The whole experience is better. And there’s more ingenuity rather than “lets copy Apple” attitude. I waited three months to receive it after it was announced. It was worth the wait.



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