Finding Tech History in an Antique Store

IMG_2917.JPGI found a little two inch tall metal robot statue with the acronym ACT on his silver breast pocket. Upon turning him over, I found “Advanced Computer Techniques, NY.” Hmmm…..curiousity, $13 and tech history all rolled up in one. It’s mine!

So, I bought it and googled this name. I found it on Wikipedia. Click Here to Read

I also found that Charles Lecht, who started ACT in NY, wrote some articles for ComputerWorld in the early 1980s. The plot thickens!

So, i found my great great great fellow-grandpa-tech-blogger! And he had some interesting things to say! I’m still researching, but I thought I’d point out this article: Click Here to Read

Mr. Lecht had some interesting things to say about those lugging home 30 pound (trans)portable computers of the day to edit documents. He compared to 80’s tech to the ancient tech of paper. His conclusion? – The day we become a paperless society, is the day we run out of paper. But, you can see his point. Until technology is as easy, lightweight, disposable as paper – paper will still exist. If Steve Jobs had read this – it would have easily challenged his keen sense of what people need that they don’t yet realize.


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