The Apple Watch Arrives!

Yep. That was me. Up at 3am to order the most expensive watch I’ll ever own – so far. The Apple Store was closed in preparation for the event and opened only at midnight PST on April 10th. That translated to 3am on that Friday on the east coast. Tap tap tap done! Whew! I made it! I was so worried. Last, it turns out I could have maybe waited until dawn to order it and still get it on the 24th.

Nonetheless, it arrived on time on April 24th – two weeks later. Wow! The packaging is larger than that or an iPhone – or two iPhones. The box is nice, but inside is a white plastic fancy case. The charger uses a standard iPhone usb adapter plug, but has an extra long cord (wish this was the new standard for all apple devices), but with a disc on the end. The watch charges by attaching the disc magnetically to the bottom of the case.

IMG_3528.JPG   IMG_3529.JPG IMG_3530.JPG IMG_3531.JPG
So, how much was it? Well, the funny thing about Apple is they are in it for a profit. Sure the watch is cool, better than any before it – packed full of features – but Apple didn’t lose their focus. The watch bands alone can easily exceed the cost of the actual watch. They are removable, so you can even buy more! Mine was $699. The larger “Men’s” 42mm case is $50 more than the smaller 38mm case. The same watch with a plastic sports band is $399. So, I paid a $300 premium for my fancy stainless steel Milanese Loop magnetic clasp band. And that wasn’t the most expensive!

Yes, there are Apple Watches made of gold that sell for as much as $17,000. But, that’s for another type of buyer.

I’ve had the watch for almost two weeks, so I’m ready to start writing more reviews. Stay tuned!

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