The Design of the Apple Watch

Spending some time with the watch; wearing it, showing it off  – has been an experience. An Apple experience. But, it’s apparently a rare one. After a few weeks on the market, I asked the coffee guru at Starbucks today if he get’s a lot of people paying with their Apple watches. The answer was two. And I’m one of them! So, it’s a very small world for us geeks on the cutting edge.

The watch itself is a work of art. I’ve owned quite a few watches. Nothing crazy expensive, but a variety. I like them. It’s one of the few pieces of jewelry a man can wear. Plus it has a use – which men need. And I’ve also owned some “smart” watches in the past – perhaps old school nowadays- but they were crude. So, for design and style – Apple gets an A+.

However, one interesting feature has become a point of disappointment. Not in the watch, or even Apple – but in myself. And maybe I can blame the few that I’ve seen in the real world (just mine!) – and yet.. The feature is the friend button. It’s a prominent button below the dial on the right side. It takes you to your favorites that were setup in the phone section of your iPhone. But, it’s true purpose is to be able to send drawings, taps and heartbeats to your friends – but they must own an Apple Watch. Wow. I got no one. Anyone out there? Hello?

Before I sign off, let me answer the most asked question – was it worth it. Yes! And the second? Yes, the battery lasts all day. In fact, it could last two days. Well, maybe that wasn’t the second question exactly.

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