Windows X

Can I call it that? Sure sure. I meant Windows Ten. Windows 9.5 1/2? Whatever it is or will be, it’s my understanding that it’s the last. All future updates will be minor and much more frequent than waiting for large massive upgrades every 3-5 years. So, think 10.00001, 10.00002 etc.

I have it installed on my Surface 3 Pro. It’s still in beta, but I can see the improvements in the past few months. It’s becoming more professional looking than Windows 8. The start menu is back – mostly. Cortana is here to stay. Think Apple’s Siri. And Windows Apps can now be put into windows on the desktop and added to the taskbar as shortcuts. I definitely like it. And it might even be free for the first year for Windows 7 and 8 users.

Microsoft has been around a while, but they haven’t lost their touch. There have been times – even periods of times when they were deeply questioned. However, I have high hopes for Windows 10. Microsoft seems to be listening. I’m kinda glad they’re not the biggest kid on the block – that’s Apple, by the dollar.

We hope to see the “final” release by mid-summer. But, since feature updates will be come the norm, it won’t be released with all it’s promises fulfilled – but some time afterward. That’s ok. I can wait. I’m still playing with my Apple Watch!


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