The Birthday Present – an iPad

An update! I got one! Sure I held out a few months. Even bought a competitive product first. And there was that fiasco in buying one.

I didn’t need the 3G version as I have a mifi card. But for most of us that may need to use an iPad when wifi isn’t around and your cell phone doesn’t support tethering, the 3G is preferred.

I also opted for the 16Gb version. it’s all I could find, but that’s ok. Even with all my apps and email and contacts, I’m only using about 15%. Those that want it for music and podcasts (downloaded, not pandora or YouTube) may want to join the waiting list for the 32Gb or 64Gb models.

The key for me is finding a way to run Windows applications on the iPad including Internet Explorer. One way is to remote to your home computer. I’m working on another.

Stay tuned!

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