Using a Stylus with an iPad

Sounds crazy huh? Steve Jobs is cursing me right now. Yeah, I bought a stylus. Partly to see what it would be like and partly to find out why they make the things. After all, you can use your fingers on the Apple iPad. And a stylus can’t be used for mutli-finger motions – like zooming in/out.

I bought a Pogo stylus. It has a soft tip. It’s not the one I wanted. I didn’t realize it when I ordered it. I thought I wanted the solid tip because it’s not blunt and could be better at drawing in detail. But, it turns out, the Pogo has it’s advantages.

It’s smaller than a pen or a pencil. It has  built-in clip. But, the soft tip is nice. It glides along the glass surface of the iPad.

I can use it to handwrite in apps that let me take notes on a virtual notepad. I can use it to draw. I can use it in any app instead of my index finger.

But, the surprise is this – it keeps the screen cleaner. By using the stylus, there are far fewer smudges from using your fingers. So, you won’t have to wipe down the screen as often.

I’ll let you know what else I find out. The Pogo also works with the iPhone and iTouch.

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