Breaking Chain to my Laptop

I’m doing it. On a business trip. No laptop. I’m still a little scared. But so far so good.

Advantages – less to carry, less to protect, less to keep charged, unloading and consolidating tech is a freeing experience!

So what am I using? My iPhone and my iPad. My Mifi let’s me get online when hotel Internet or AT&T signal does not. I’m also using Citrix to get to all my business apps remotely.

I even jettisoned my briefcase and I love briefcases. I left my Zero-Halliburton at home. My shoulder is happier.

I’ve heard that you aren’t living unless you do something every day that scares you.


  1. Eric

    Yes, but for one computer. Logmein will let one user log into and take over completely one computer. It’s not a good option for an office with many users. However, if you want to use an iPad to remote to your home computer, this is a good solution. There are others as well – RealVNC, Microsoft RDP, GotoMyPC.

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